Whether you are planning a move and upgrading to new appliances or simply looking for a change, finding a purpose for your old appliances doesn’t need to be complicated. While many simply ditch their old appliances that eventually end up in a landfill, there are many worthwhile causes that will gladly accept appliance donations and that make it easy to plan ahead while assisting others.

An important disclaimer: If the appliance that is being considered for donation doesn’t work or requires a great deal of maintenance, it may often be better to look into recycling options, ensuring that the appliance is taken care of properly. However, if the appliance is still in good shape and can assist many for years to come, donation is consistently the best option.

While many brands may offer appliance donation centers, there are many other organizations that can benefit from appliance donations. The Salvation Army will gladly take any well-used appliances that still work, and will even schedule a pickup from the thrift store nearest you.

Habitat for Humanity is another charity organization that gladly accepts appliance donations and will assist with pickup as well. To donate appliances, simply find your local Habitat Restore location and contact the store via phone or email to learn more about donating and arranging a pickup.

In addition to donating, recycling items is another way to make sure that old appliances end up in the right place. Places like 1800GotJunk, Earth911, and your local Appliance Exchange of (state) are all great options for recycling old and non-functioning appliances.

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