Picking up and moving to a new city, state, or even country can be both a challenge and an adventure. Luckily, finding the right moving company in the Palm Springs area to help with your next household move is easy. Since 1958, Command Relocation Systems has been dedicated to offering stellar moving solutions at a great price. But before the move even happens, what are some tips and questions to ask beforehand to make a household move less overwhelming? After our 50+ years in business, the Command team has some common questions you’ll need to address before your big move.

Will you need a moving crew?

Some people prefer to hire a qualified, dedicated moving crew while others like to do the packing and moving themselves. Whatever your preference, Command Relocation Systems offers trained moving crews to handle relocations of all sizes and scopes. Our Palm Spring household movers are also trained in specialized moving, meaning that you can rest assured that items such as fine arts, medical equipment, computers and electronics will be handled properly and with care.

Can everything fit in your new space?

Command Relocations Systems offers storage for both long and short terms needs in the event that you’re downsizing, remodeling or simply want a place to store out-of-season items while you’re at your new home. Finding the right place to store your items shouldn’t be complicated. Using the same moving company for both the move and any necessary storage needs can make the process much simpler.

When should I start packing? ASAP!

This can seem like common knowledge, but proper preparation can go a long way in ensuring that your household move is both quick and efficient. Packing as much as possible before that day of the move arrives makes sure that you are aware of where everything is, have boxes labelled correctly, and can find boxes easily when you start unpacking.  

With a Temecula household moving company, you can be confident that you’re being assisted by qualified, trained staff. Command Relocation Systems can help you in every area of your local, long distance or international move, from packing at the beginning to unwrapping the fragile items at the end. Contact Command Relocation Systems today to schedule a free in-home estimate and begin planning your next relocation today!