Office moving can be tough. By keeping an ordered and structured environment, you can ensure top levels of productivity up until moving day. Command Relocation Systems has been serving the moving requirements of companies small and large since 1958 and throughout the decades our Thousand Palms office moving company has regularly seen how many offices have tackled their relocations while still getting work done. To keep your office on task, follow these important tips:

Pack together – Nothing is more distracting than the sound of packing tape, boxes being shuffled around and items clanging together. Organize time when your employees are least productive—say during that 2pm lag—to pack items together. This ensures that since everyone is packing at the same time, no one is having their work compromised because of a neighbor.

Off-peak times – To minimize the downtime your business will experience during the actual move, talk to our office movers in Thousand Palms about moving during off-peak times. Whether this means early in the morning, late at night, or over the weekend, it all depends on your location and traffic conditions.

Staying connected – Most companies hate to shut down their entire operation even for a minute. Consider specialty moving solutions that can take down and setup your electronics equipment quickly and seamlessly. To ensure you’re not missing anything important, have all of your employees back up their calendars and emails to the cloud on their phone or tablet.

Plan ahead – Ask your employees to plan ahead and make a schedule of items that need to be completed and back up files directly onto their work laptops. This helps so that if for some reason moving day is delayed, your employees can continue working offline.

At Command Relocation Systems we understand the importance of a swift and streamlined moving experience. Trust our trained professionals to deliver a seamless relocation for your business that offers minimal downtime and maximum security. Call us to get started or fill out our online form to request your free moving estimate.